Darylann: The Story of a Multidimensional Human

The Group channeled by Steve Rother January 15th 2008
Dear ones, we are going to tell you a story this day of a Lightworker, of a young lady who grew up not knowing who she was, not being able to see herself. She was not able to understand her true place or meaning in life and what she came for. She spent a lot of time in front of the mirror asking, "Who am I and why am I here?" Her name was Darylann. Darylann went through her entire life knowing she was a teacher. She came in with something to give. She would sit in her classrooms at school and church to learn from teachers. She learned at an early age to simply nod her head and smile. It was many times that she had to learn something that she knew in her heart was not correct. She learned to nod and smile and go along with it knowing in her heart that something was not making sense. As she grew up this was one of her great challenges. She learned to live with this difficulty and did quite well, adapting to just go along with the norm and not pay attention to her silly inner feelings.

Darylann reached a point in her mid fourties when she started to awaken from the dream. She started to find and take her power as an incredible, gifted being, teacher and Lightworker. When she looked back she could see that even as a child people would come to her for answers. It was then that Darylann started to move into places where she could use her gifts. When she set that intent, things started happening quickly. The more she used her guidance, the more she received. It was during this time when a strange phenomenon began to happen. Out of nowhere she would hear her name being called -"Darylann." Yet, when she looked she saw no one. Since her name was not common it was even more unusual that she would hear it so clearly.

Shortly after that began to happen, Darylann noticed that her sleep patterns began to change. She found herself waking at all hours of the night, and even when she got a full eight hours of sleep she awoke still feeling tired in the morning. She started receiving information during the evenings and during her sleep time. When Darylann raised her vibration, she awakened the sleeping giant within. Darylann was visiting other dimensions of time and space during her sleep.

We are telling you this for a number of reasons, but mainly this is what is happening more among humans today than it ever has before. Many of you are experiencing multidimensional states while you sleep. It is going to become even more noticable in the days ahead. You will experience and open up other doors of time and space while you sleep. Some of you will wake up halfway through a sentence or a thought not knowing who you are talking to. You may be angry with someone and when you wake up, you are not sure who you are angry with. That is because you are pulled from one dimension so that you can go back into this body and awaken in the morning. It is one of the signs of the advancement of Lightworkers and it is happening on a global basis more so than ever before.

But the story of Darylann does not stop there, for as you raise your vibration you simply exchange these little problems you had for bigger problems. You humans are so imaginative. We did not think of that, so let us speak of the problems you will run into ; not knowing what lies ahead is your biggest challenge. What if we were able to tell you all the difficulties you will find? We will begin today with what happened to Darylann.

Darylann's Path

Darylann began to awaken from the dream and began to take her place among her spiritual family. She began to find her teachings. She began to find her knowing of who she was and her whole life began to change. She stopped working at the factory and many people missed her, because Darylann was the one everyone came to when they had a problem. She had her degree in kitchen table counseling several times over. As she started to move away from this to take her place, she did not know what it looked like. She did not study psychology, she did not study counseling and she did not know if she could move forward. She said, "Just let me find my path." And there it was. The moment she spoke the words, her path became clearer. She saw very clearly thedirection which would take her where she wanted to go, and she became very excited. Please know, dear ones, that the path you seek always appears instantly if your belief systems are open enough for you to see it.

As Darylann began to change those around her became excited for her and wanted to help. She found the energy changing from her full-time job into this full-time lightwork very comfortably and naturally. It was much easier than she thought. She tried to figure it out by thinking about how much money she made at the factory vs. how much she could make here. Even though the numbers did not add up, everything just seemed to be taken care of. What an adventure! We tell you that you are creators and you have no idea what that really means and what you are capable of. Perhaps you can see it more clearly in the story of Darylann's experience.

First Pile

Now Darylann has a path. She knows where she is going and she knows it is her dream -- that is what excites her. She steps on the path and puts one foot in front of the other. She comes to a point where the path divides. One path looks shorter and more direct and the other goes around a mountain before it reaches the same destination, but it gets there, too. Yet, she runs across a potential problem. Darylann knows she can take this course, but right on the path is a little pile. This pile does not look good. This pile does not smell good. This pile looks like something left over from an animal. She does not want to step in this pile and it is too big to step over. After careful deliberation Darylann takes the longer path. She tells herself that it does not make any difference which path she takes, as life is about the journey and not the destination, so she takes the longer path and walks along it enjoying the beauty she sees along the way.

Second Pile

Then, not long down the road Darylann comes upon another fork in the road. She looks both directions before making a decision on which way to go and she sees another pile. "What is this? Why am I experiencing doo-doo in my path? What is it about?" Just then she hears her name only to look around and see nothing. Startled she returns her attention to the decision at hand, which path? This time she thinks to herself that that her spirit is telling her something and wants her to take the longer path again. You see Darylann is in touch with her own spirit. She takes the longer path wondering is she has entered with BS karma from a previous life.

Third Pile

Darylann very soon comes to a third fork in her path. She laughs to herself and looks up to the sky saying, "I knew it. . . more BS to deal with," and before she even got there she decided this time she had to deal with it. This time she would take the shorter path and nothing would stop her. She reaches the division in the road and sees in front of her a very large pile. It smells really bad and flies are all around it; it completely blocks the road in that direction. Darylann is tired of being nice at this point and walks right up to the pile and pokes her finger right into it. Wiping her finger, she looks at all the options and lays out all that she knows. I know that this is BS and I know I cannot step over it and I know it smells, yet that path looks shorter. Hmmmmm. . ."

Just then Darylann hears her name again. This time is way different, closer. She turns to see her teacher standing in front of her. Overjoyed at seeing her dear friend she embraced her teacher but her teacher just nodded and smiled. Then Darylann began to blurt out all of the strange things leading up to the BS that had been happening to her since she decided to step out on her path. Her teacher nodded and smiled. In that instant Darylann realized how embarrassing it was to have a BS problem. She was about to tell her teacher about the BS and she wondered what she would think about her. At that moment Darylann heard how silly this sounded and smiled. Now her teacher really smiled because she knew Darylann was about to get to the real point. Darylann finally just blurted it out: "And what is all this BS about anyway? How can I be firmly on my real path if all this BS keeps blocking the way?" Her teacher smiles and says, "Of course it is your BS, Darylann. That is why it is so offensive to you" Darylann says, "Okay. It is mine. I take responsibility, now what am I going to do about it? How do I get past this and why am I always stuck with these huge piles of BS in my way? What is the problem?" Now in a full smile her teacher explains: "As you raise your vibration things start to change for you. One is that you begin to live in multiple dimensions and another is that all those old items stashed away in your closet must be reevaluated. You could say that your BS comes up for final review. You could also say that your success on your path can be determined by how you deal with your own BS. "

BS = Belief Systems

Let us explain, dear ones. You have more difficulty with your own BS than you have with others on your path. Now that you are evolving so quickly, many of you may find that your BS tolerance has pretty much gone away. So now you have no tolerance with anybody else's BS let alone your own, and yet your own BS starts showing up on your path. What is the problem? You humans are so imaginative. The BS you see on your path is your belief systems."

Darylann's teacher continues: "Your BS is your belief systems and often they get in the way of your shortest path. You were right, Darylann, when you thought that it made no difference which path you took but it was not yours to decide was it? The level on which you live is changing; many of the belief systems that helped you in the past may work differently where you are going." With that Darylann smiled and nodded and walked right through the big pile of BS, emerging spotless on the other side.

FBS = Flexible Belief Systems

Dear ones, when you see your whole world from this level here, you gain belief systems that help you move through life. Those belief systems have helped you move from one level to the next. Yet there comes a time when you are truly on your path that your own belief systems will start blocking you. Those are the belief systems that are not flexible. This is the time, dear ones, when you want to start adopting flexible belief systems. Dare to reevaluate your own truth. As you continue to evolve at this incredible rate, you will find that your biggest restriction is your own BS, so keep that thought as you travel along your path. Reevaluating your own belief systems-what you believe, the way you think will help you more than you know at this stage of your evolution. When you release anything that holds you into your old vibrational range, you can see the possibilities. The view from up here-is quite different from the view down here. What if it was possible for us to totally remove the veil from your being? What if it was possible to give you all the information so you could see and understand everything? Do you think your belief systems would hold up to that knowledge?

Dear ones, that is the challenge you are faced with for you have evolved already. You already live in the fifth dimension, you just do not know how to function there on a daily basis...yet. That is changing and the biggest piece we can give you is to re-member Darylann and how she dealt with her BS, because she simply ended up stepping over it and it went away the moment she did. When she released her attachment to the problem, it went away. You are starting to see things beyond the veil so helping yourself and helping others release and reevaluate belief systems is going to be the biggest obstacle that you will face in the year ahead. There is a lot coming. More than you know.

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