Our Connection to everything

I went to see the movie Avatar from director James Cameron the other day, and after seeing how the Na'Vi (the blue people in the movie) lived and connected with their planet and the life forms on it I was remembered of the fact that we humans actually have the same kind of connections on our own planet Terra (earth).It is not physical as the Na'Vi (with their nervous system extension cord) but more energetically or ether-like. In fact we are always connected to everything around us. We are connected to the plants, the animals, the minerals, the earth and to other humans. Be it close by or far away this does not matter. Being aware of this fact is what made a lot of difference to me.I always knew that we are connected to everything, but I have never done that much with it. After I came out of the Theatre, I very much wanted to do more with this. I wanted to feel (re)connected with the world around me.

I knew from past experience that feeling these connections can be quite difficult some times, so I started visualising these connections in my mind. It was wonderful and a whole new world emerged. Whenever I saw a bird in the sky, I saw an energy stream going from myself to that bird and back. When I saw a tree, I saw an energy stream going from me to that tree and back. When I saw another person, I saw an energy stream going from me to that person and back. I felt connected to everything and everyone. This way of actually seeing the connections made it all much easier for me to feel these connections as well.

In the past I have often read about the connection you have to other people and the unconditional love you "should" have towards them. I knew there was some truth in that, but I have always found this a very difficult thing to do. Love for plants, animals and minerals I had not problem with, but for all other humans? This was probably mostly due to the fact that I didn't actually want to love everybody, and I was certainly not going to feel an unconditional love for anyone who wasn't "nice" (to put it mildly). I mean how could I love someone I didn't even know or liked for that matter.

But maybe I was going about it all wrong. Maybe I was starting in the middle instead of the beginning. Unconditional love is the end product, not something you start out with. So if you just want to unconditionally love everybody all of a sudden then that's just not going to work. You have to start at the beginning. And that beginning is yourself (as usual).

When you change the way you look at people it becomes much easier to understand them and to feel connected to them.

(I am continuing under the assumption that you have already become aware of what your Ego is trying to do all the time and that you are consciously making an effort to not judge people by their appearance anymore. For me this was the first step anyway)

The next step/level is the realisation that you can see/feel people in a very different way when you say for instance: "I don't like how you are acting at this moment" or: "I don't agree with the choice you made just now (or then)". This way you are not judging the (inner) person but you are judging their actions or choices at a particular moment. When you do that it is much easier to accept that you have a connection with that person.

Mind you, this is certainly not working for me all the time. I am unfortunately not always immediately conscious of my reaction to other people and I am therefore not always in tune with those connections. But I'm getting there. And of course there are always some people who make it very difficult for me to not judge their person. I'm sure we all know some of those :-)
But, as I have learned in the past, it is the effort that counts. If you can stay aware of what is happening inside yourself (your reaction to what is happening outside yourself), and you can consciously make an effort to not judge someone's person but their action's or choices, then you have come a very long way already.

So in short...visualising the energetic connections to everything around myself helps me to feel these connections and appreciate things much better. This includes other people, who can sometimes be...well let's face it...quite annoying :-) You can of course project this onto yourself and see it as a reflection of your own shortcomings or feelings at that time. But that's a whole different story all together.